4th Oct 2013

To start with, the terms:  drunk driving, driving while intoxicated, DUI and DWI are the same thing and all charged under 18.2-266 of the Virginia Code of 1950, as amended, and are used interchangeable on this website.   If you … more

20th Jan 2012

DUI Lawyers in Virginia The law firm specializes in defending clients charged with criminal-traffic matters.   This website was designed specifically for individuals charged with DUI/DWI and provides answers that you may have about your charge, including, the law firm’s … more

20th Jan 2010

Below is a description of the gathering of evidence by the police that is often used later in a trial: When the police suspect someone of driving drunk, they first make a note as to whether the driver is committing a … more

Virginia DUI and DWI Defense Attorney

Virginia DUI and DWI Defense Attorney