John Naumovski, Esq.

Attorney Naumovski has obtained the same training, based on NHTSA, as Virginia State Troopers and Local Police with respect to the Non-Standardized and Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. He is also the only certified Field Sobriety Assessment Attorney in the Hampton Roads area. Attorney Naumovski started Naumovski Law in 2006.  Since then, he has continuously researched new case law and develop new strategies in helping the firm's DUI clients dismiss or reduce their charges. This dedication to DUI law is based on the realization that most attorneys handle DUI and traffic law in general as a small part of their practice and as a result they don’t put the time and effort to research the ins and outs of DUI and traffic statutes, charges, and case law.  Attorney Naumovski believes his focus on DUI and traffic law makes a difference in the court room for his clients. Attorney Naumovski graduated from the University of Virginia, School of Law, a top 10 Law School (ranked 7th in the nation out of over 200 law schools).   He is also a graduate of William & Mary Graduate School of Business, where he graduated first in his class.  Attorney Naumovski attended college at Old Dominion University, where he also graduated first in the business school.

Areas of Practice:

  • DUI/DWI/OUI/BUI/DUID/DWI Drugs/ DUI?DWI under 21
  • Criminal Defense
  • Traffic-Criminal Offenses (e.g. DUI, Reckless Driving, etc.)


    • University of Virginia School of Law (2005)
    • J.D.
Fact: a Top Ten Law School, Ranked 7th in the nation out of over 200 law schools
    • College of William & Mary, Graduate School of Business (2002)
    • M.S. in Accounting
Fact: Graduated First in his Class
    • Old Dominion University (2001)
    • B.S. in Business Admin (Accounting)
Fact: Graduated First in the Business School

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Virginia DUI and DWI Defense Attorney

Virginia DUI and DWI Defense Attorney